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Miele di Timo e Pino 500 g

Miele di Timo e Pino 500 g


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In mid-summer, after the thyme fields of Galaxidi, the beehives are moved to the pine forests of Thassos and Euboea. The honeycombs full of thyme aroma are filled with pine honey and this is how this wonderful honey is produced. Pine thyme honey satisfies even the most demanding consumers as it combines the strong aroma of thyme with the unique rich texture of pine honey. It’s nutritional value is particularly high since it retains all the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of pine honey. You can enjoy it in tea and coffee instead of sugar, as a syrup on yogurt or ice cream, as a healthy and nutritious snack with dried figs and nuts, along with butter on bread, warm pancakes, waffles and donuts. We also suggest to try it with “Greek graviera”, “kefalotyri” or some other yellow cheese.

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