Slingshot Big

Slingshot Big




Olea Europaea produces a beautiful wood with grains of colors from cream through pink to black. The olive tree wood is prized for it’s appearance, high density, stiffness, natural strength and fine texture. Olive trees are cut down only when they can’t be harvested any longer. Most of the wood comes from the “trimming”, an essential process for healthy and proper growth of the tree. Firmly attached to the history of Greece for more than 3000 years it’s part of this legendary land. The Olive Crown is a branch of olive tree that was awarded to the hero of the ancient Olympic Games. Olive tree, the most iconic tree in human history, was used to symbolize peace, harmony, prosperity, the tree of life, beauty, longevity, healing. Taking proper care of your olive wood pieces means you will enjoy this unique handcrafted accessories for a lifetime. For detailed care instructions follow us.


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